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  • Dear Visitor, Its my pleasure,to welcome you to the one of finest institutions
  • Saketa junior and degree college functions with unique thought process that
  • guides its team membres  as well as parents and students. Saketa is always in the
  • fore front to grade every new opportunity that comes in the way of improving
  • education and learning techniques as per the student psyche.
  • The entire team of saketa college always tugs to discuss students issues and
  • syllabus with experts a facilitate the students to get good education.
  • The intensive training an softskill (communication skills + soft skills) and
  • analytical ability tests assist the student to understand their goals and help
  • to  proceed towards their growth.


Secretary Profile

Mr. Sridhr Reddy  Provides high-level administrative support to an assigned executive or director-level employee.

Collects requested data and information from various sources including email and other correspondence, meeting minutes and records, and other documents; prepares summaries of findings and/or other related written correspondence as requested.