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  • Dear visitor, it’s my pleasure, to welcome you to the one of finest institutions
  • Saketa junior and degree college functions with unique thought process that guides its team members as well as parents and students .saketa is always in the fore front to grade every new opportunity that comes in the way of improving education and learning techniques as per the student psyche .
  • The entire team of saketa college always tugs to discuss students issues and syllabus with experts a facilitate the students to get good education.
  • The intensive training an soft skill (communication skills + soft skills) and analytical ability tests assist the student to understand their goals and help to proceed towards their growth.

The mission of the college is to achieve high academic and ethical standard with scientific aptitude and social consciousness through value based quality education.
Contributing quality of education a mold the students to reach the pinnacle of their goals .Providing treasure of knowledge with a perfect blend of old & new educational techniques.

Secretary Profile

Mr. Sridhar Reddy is an innovative education is sme with a unique creative thought procession of usher/guides his teams members .as well as parents and students. he is in the for frant to grant every new opportunity that comes in the why of improving and adapting the new trends in the education and technologies as for the students psyche . Mr. Sridhar Reddy always tugs to discuss student’s issues syllabus and new trends in the educational system with experts and faculty to facilitate the students to get good education it is decision making skills pares way to the students to and stand their goals and helps to proceed to words their new growth.